Month: May 2024

DayZ seems to be okay….

The DayZ started to show a handful of issues when using the Linux binaries
and as a result the server was migrated back to Win11.

Running the DayZ server using the Linux binaries is looking to be
working out okay. Server load is still annoyingly high for a single
game, but things seem more responsive and we might finally be able
to move the remaining Win11 game server into storage.

DayZ is Being Worked On…

We looking into converting the DayZ server over to a Linux VM in order
to get rid of the Win11 resource hog and under performing VM it is
currently running on.

During this time, the DayZ game server may become unreachable or may
appear to be unstable.

Webhost Reconf’d

Our main web host has been reconfigured with a few catch-all
virtual host setup. Now, when requests are made to our web
host specifying incorrect domains or subdomains, those request
will be met with an nxdomain splash page.

We have also re-enabled port 80 plain http access to our website
for the time being, to allow for really old systems to reach us.