Privacy Policy

Document Approved May 26th, 2023

Document Last Updated Feb 27th, 2024

Marbled Fennec Networks is committed to maintaining the accuracy,
confidentiality and security of the personal information that
our project members send to us when requesting and making
use of service(s) and account(s) provided by Marbled Fennec

As part of our aim to keep private personal information
personal, our volunteer staff and project members are fully
expected and required to follow and apply our privacy policy
when they are dealing with information that could be considered
personal private data or information. This policy governs the
collection, use and disclosure of said information.

Marbled Fennec Networks has to collect, process, use and occasionally
disclose the personal information you provide us with in order
for the project to provide you with service(s) and account(s)
to make use of the service(s). The way in which your information
is handled is made known to you via our privacy policy, network
management policy and terms of service.

To provide service(s) to you, we need to collect and store personal
information such as your legal name, postal address, contact
phone number and a valid email address. When you request any
service(s) from the project, your consent to the collection and
storage of the above information is implied. If you do not agree
with this, do not request or use service(s) provided by the project.

To make reasonable limitations on the personal information we
collect and process, we do not permit our volunteer staff or any
vendors working with us to disclose or use your information for
any reason outside of setting up your service(s), maintaining the
network, contacting you in the case of support request, handling
network abuse complaints or working with law enforcement when
required. Furthermore, when you stop use of your service(s) with
Marbled Fennec Networks and notify us of such, your personal
data will remain on file for forty-five days before being removed
from our systems.

For the project to provide you with service(s) and to be able to
provide you with support when requested, Marbled Fennec Networks
requires all of its members to keep the personal data that they
have shared with us up to date. If any changes to your personal
information occur, such as address or phone number, you are
required to notify us via email or support ticket as soon as possible.

The project does not and will not require any form of payment
information for service(s) provided because our project operates by
volunteer staff on a non-profit and at cost basis. Do not send us any
financial details, we cannot accept such details and if such happens
to be sent or disclosed to us, we will be forced to terminate your
service(s) and account(s). Furthermore, sending us financial data will
result in you being banned from requesting service(s) in the future.
Marbled Fennec Networks does not, and cannot, store, handle or process
any financial data what so ever.

Personal information given to us will be safeguarded to the best of our
ability. Personal information is not stored on a directly connected system
and requires manual entry and retrieval, which is logged. All of
our volunteer staff are instructed to only make use of the absolute
minimal amount of personal information to maintain your account(s)
and service(s).

Any member of the project, known as project members, may make a request
to be informed of the existence of personal information we currently have
about them.
Upon request, it may take our volunteer staff up to five days to complete
your request and the resulting data will be emailed to you via the email
address that you gave to us when you requested service(s) from us. Due
to privacy concerns, personal information request for a user made from an
email not given to us when you request service(s) will be ignored.
Furthermore, most of our volunteer staff do not have access to the
personal information storage and will have to contact one of the project
board members to process the request.

Marbled Fennec Networks makes use of third party API, software and library
providers in order to provide certain features on our platform. We do our
best to vet each provider before and during use, but our project members are
encouraged to review the terms of use and privacy policies that those providers
use to govern their software and data.
One such third party provider is RevolverMaps, which we use to gather visitor
stats for our website. Their software and website widget provides us with an
at-a-glance map that shows a rough estimate of what countries our visitors are
coming from. This data is based on public data such as GeoIP databases and
our visitors’ IP addresses. Marbled Fennec Networks does not do any processing
on this data and only embeds the widget into our footer.
If you have concerns about the use of this widget, email us at ‘abuse at marbledfennec dot net’
or feel free to look into the service itself at their website for more information.
As a side note, please be sure to read through our network management
policy to be informed of how we handle, process and disclose on-network
data. Due to the nature of computer networks and the possibilities granted
by using them, we have a separate document the governs information that
traverses our network itself.