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Information about how the board is doing, changes they bring to the table and things that have been successfully actioned by the board.

Progress on Updates…

Our network fennec found a few issues in our network stack that need to be resolved. One router ran out of space because debugging was left enabled and another because ntopNG hadn’t been cleared out recently. Some old rules were found from old tenants and SSL certs had expired. I guess things happen when you take a month off from upkeep.

Our team is working to resolve these issues and restore performance back to Ikus and CX routers. So far, the old firewall rules have been removed, a ton of logging data was chunked out and most SSL certs have been brought up to date.

Working on updates…

Routing might be flakey until around 4PM today. Our team is working on updating all of our routers to the latest opnsense release. If DNS or routing is not functional by then, let us know at

Network upkeep…

Project members might notice little bits of down time across our various services throughout today and into tomorrow. Our team is working through a list of upkeep items that did not get handled during the month as we all had other things going on that limited our time to focus on MFN.

Something else to keep note of is that MFN’s account balance has zero’d out. We will do what we can, but there are other areas of life that the main admin would like to focus on, so this project could end up going into storage at the end of next month.