Scheduled Reboot, Saturday April 13th

Our team has scheduled a reboot of our physical server. This
is due to updates including a newer kernel. During the reboot
our website, mail server and transit network will not be
available. The outage is estimated to last about ten minutes
and the reboot is set for 2330EST.

After the reboot, our team will begin working on our routers
to install firmware updates to them, meaning that our project
members will see brief periods of connectivity outages. Seeing
as this is a minor firmware update, we arenโ€™t expecting any
problems and should have the network fully function in under
an hour after the reboot of the physical server.

Made it through a whole year!

Just a little off topic post from the usual, but Marbled
Fennec Networks appears to have made it through a full
year of operations without having to be offlined to cold
storage for the first time in many years!

Thank you to our volunteer staff and project members who
have worked on getting us to where we are. The project has
changed, matured, been rebuilt and restructured over the
past year and operations have become a lot smoother and
far more predictable. We went from a single pfSense instance
running on a VPS to a full on network virtualized on our own
dedicated hardware. There is game servers running, a dual proto
network stack with endpoints, fully routable allocations and
various inhouse support services now. I hadnโ€™t planned on the
project growing the way it did, but having the help I have from
you all has come together to make a space on internet that we
can call ours and be proud of. I look forward to continuing
to work with you all well into the future!
โ€“Skylar, Lead Network Engineer

PTR Records Updated

Our team noticed that a handful of our PTR records were
incorrectly set and some of them were doubled up for
different host, which comes from the old v2 network
layout. The important routing PTR entries have been
updated to match the current network, v3.