NMP has been updated!

Our “Network Management Policy” has been updated to reflect some changes
that had to be put in place regarding the operation of our two public DNS
servers. Project members and end users who make use of the public DNS servers
should take a quick glance over the policy and make note of the changes.

In short, Marbled Fennec Networks will react to sudden increases in DNS traffic
and, where warranted, will block the resolution of queries headed for what is
known as “Command and Control” servers when it comes to suspected malware.
Our team will do their best to research the domains behind the traffic spikes
before applying any network rules.

Progress on Updates…

Our network fennec found a few issues in our network stack that need to be resolved. One router ran out of space because debugging was left enabled and another because ntopNG hadn’t been cleared out recently. Some old rules were found from old tenants and SSL certs had expired. I guess things happen when you take a month off from upkeep.

Our team is working to resolve these issues and restore performance back to Ikus and CX routers. So far, the old firewall rules have been removed, a ton of logging data was chunked out and most SSL certs have been brought up to date.

Minecraft and DayZ

Good mornin’,
Our team will be doing some general upkeep on the Minecraft and DayZ game servers around 9PM tonight. Both games will be getting a refresh along with plugin and workshop updates. If you have in game coin on either server, please make sure that you bank your coins as your player character will be reset along with the world in both games.

DayZ has a handful of workshop updates to process and Minecraft will be moving two game version forward to be on the latest stable.