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Project Status Dump: #117 (Made Public)

This data is provided as a quick look at some metrics from various servers and their hosted services. Data is occasionally made public for our project members and guest to glance over; data will be kept as anonymized as possible when getting posted to our website. These reports usually focus on one or two parts of our network stack and don’t get too in depth with what is going on.

Server: Adrian, Main Project Box

Network traffic as seen from the data center interface, showing two months of usages.

Processor usage graph, showing the past two months including down time and unexpected crashes.

Server temp graph, showing CPU temps over two months including down time and unexpected crashes.

Thermal alerts being triggered here and there, ventilation issue?

Website back dating / importing is complete

We have imported a fair bit of data from the old website and are considering the back dating and importing task complete. The migration to our new website is pretty well finished now.

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